We rely on technology so much now.  From banking and online shopping to storing our pictures and contacts.  We need our technology to work and when it doesn’t it can seriously impede us.  At MisterIT we can help you, not just to be able to rely on your technology but to get the best out of it.  Whether you need a one-off repair or you want the peace of mind of a fully supported security & update package, we can offer you what you need.

For other Frequently Asked Questions, please see below.

Yes.  We work with both Apple products and Windows.  We also support Android and Linux.

Yes.  We can provide one2one training and also cater for small groups

Yes.  MisterIT can offer a hand picked suite of security products that will keep you safe.

We can help you setup a system that works for you, no matter how safe and secure your files need to be.

Data can be recovered from External Hard Drives, Memory Sticks, laptops and desktop computers

Just tell them that your computer is looked after by MisterIT.  Tell them to call us and explain the issue.  If they call us and it is legitimate we will call you and let you know.

Choosing the right device can be daunting.  We can take you through all the options and help you to make an informed decision.

We can’t stop all problems from happening but if your computer is properly secured and maintained it can prevent a lot of issues.

MisterIT can set up a remote connection to your computer and many things can be sorted out in this way.



Minimum call out time within the ringroad – 30 minutes

Minimum call out time outside of the ringroad – 1 hr




Home User Pricing

We charge a standard hourly rate of £55.  If you are within the ring road there is a minimum of a half an hour appointment.  Outside of the ring road the minimum is an hour.  We understand that your computer problems may not take an hour but in that time we can check for potential issues like malware & viruses, updates, backups and make sure everything is in good working order.

Training is also charged at £55 per hour  for 1-on-1 training, but gets cheaper depending on how many sessions you book. Its charged in chunk of 15 minutes.  Its always easier to learn together with someone else and we can teach up to four people at a time (charged at £20 per person).

All support and training work also carries a 50p per mile charge from our office in Jericho